Devils Memories and an Iconic Broadcaster

Stan Writes About Legendary Broadcaster Mike Emrick In The Days Following His Retirement Announcement

Mike Emrick liked to call his fifteen-year stint as Devils tv play-by-play voice as "The Camelot" of his broadcasting career.

According to legend, Camelot was a mythical city full of adventure and wonderful characters such as King Arthur, Merlin The Magician, and the Knights of the Round Table.

According to Emrick reality, his Camelot was a New Jersey hockey arena full of adventure and wonderful characters such as Chico Resch, Matt Loughlin and the knights of MSG Networks Devils telecast.

Lou Lamoriello, who orchestrated the Devils three Stanley Cups, considered Emrick as much a champion as his New Jersey titlists.

"Mike was the best of the best," says Lou, now running the Islanders franchise. "He was informative, kind, gentle and as prepared as anyone could be. He was respected and liked by everyone.

"He related to all ages and his style kept you feeling not only a part of the game but part of the history of players and teams. Simply put, there's only one Mike Emrick!"

The beauty part of working with Mike was that he blended humor into his indefatigable work ethic. Emrick and Resch were as close as pages in a book; and as amusing.

"I found working with Mike like being on Wayne Gretzky's line," recalls Chico, "or being a defense partner with Bobby Orr. I always was going to be better than I really was. He gave everyone he worked with a sense of confidence.

"We sure did have a lot of fun. Those Devils pre-game tv production meetings we had taken care of business, to be sure, but we also had plenty of laughs as well."

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