Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Islanders could close out the old barn with a Stanley Cup? The Islanders should raise three new banners when USB arena opens. 1. Retire #18 for Eddie Westfall, the Islanders first captain. That’s one banner. 2. A banner should be raised for Bill Shea. The Same Bill Shea that brought National League Baseball back to New York with the Mets. Shea Stadium was named in his honor. 3. The third banner should is an unusual one. The Islanders were dreadful in their first year in 1972-73. Only 12 wins. The attendance was low and Nassau County was still learning how to present pro sports. The first six home games the organist was awful. You wrote about it, Stan in the hockey news. You called it “noise pollution. Bill Torrey read it and told Nassau County to fix it. The Coliseum music director at the time was Greg Raffa. He reached out to the man who was the organist of the Rangers and brought him to Nassau Coliseum. His name was Toby Wright. History was made at the Coliseum on December 16, 1972. The Philadelphia Flyers were in and half the Coliseum were filled with loud, obnoxious Flyer fans shouting “Let’s go, FLYERS!” I was up in the organ booth in section 309. The Coliseum would always let me stay there after I announced the high school preliminary game. Some Islanders fans tried a “Let’s Go IslandersToby was quiet. At a stoppage he tried a five note riff. Little reaction. The second time he tried a different five note riff. More reaction. On the third try, the five familiar notes with got loud reaction. The fans were into it. Although the Islanders lost 2-1 that night, the players played with more energy and that chat has been part of the lore ever since. I would like to meet Mr. Ledecky to present my proposal, Stan. I hope for old times sake, your let me know how to go about it. Be well and please be safe.

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