Sitemap - 2021 - The Fischler Report

Back To The Future...

The King of Hockey Criticized For His Magnificent Mansion

The Fischler Report: 11/29/21

Covid-19 And The NHL

25 Reasons For Fans -- And the Maven -- To Be Thankful On November 25

Nothing Blue About The Blues

The Magic of Darryl Sutter

The Fischler Report: 11/22/21

Hailing the Best Arena For Hockey

Don't Shoot the Shoot-Out

Where Did This Star Come From?

Superiority of Connor McDavid -- Almost

The Fischler Report:11/14/21

Jake Allen's Biggest Career Challenge

An Early Season 4-Division Review

Who's Really Winning The Battle of Alberta?

Who's More Amazing -- Crosby, Ovechkin In 17th Season

The Fischler Report: 11/8/21

Who Won The Eichel Deal? You'll Know After Christmas

The Waiting Is Over For Jack Eichel

A Study In Contrasts -- Fox vs. Caufield

The Elite Meet To Beat -- Each Other!

The Fischler Report: 11/1/21

Ed Giacomin, Tiger Williams Revisited

Surprise Teams Who Could Surprise In April

Messing With The Media Can Be Messy

The Difference Between Team Play and Superstar Reliance

The Fischler Report: 10/25/21

A Fair Way To Evaluate The Kraken

Challenging the Panic Button

The Reformation of Evander Kane

Too Many 'Panic Buttons' -- Little Reality

The Fischler Report: 10/18/21

Skill vs. Sock -- Which Style Wins?

The Importance --Or Unimportance -- Of October

Why the Lightning Won't Win A Third Straight Stanley Cup

Happy New Season

The Fischler Report: 10/11/21

Lets Get the Season Started Already!

Making A Fuss Out Of A Dress Code

The Blunders That Led A Norris Trophy-Winner To New York

When Hockey Broadcasters Are Fair -- And Unfair

Vegas Has Goalie Problems -- Could Be Serious

Bring Back the Stand-Up Goalies

An Intriguing Challenge For the Islanders

The Certainty and Uncertainty of Training Camps

Learning From the Red Wings Rebuild the First Time Around

The Fischler Report: 9/27/21

Embracing the New NHL Networks

The Strange Case of Jimmy Vesey

How Much of a Burden is the Captaincy?

Wisdom For McDavid; Let The Refs Do the Reffing

The Fischler Report: 9/20/21

Cup Hungry Panthers Have Goalie Issues

What's Good -- Or Not Good -- For The Game Of Hockey

My Grandchildren, The Hockey Players

The Bullies of Broadway

The Fischler Report: 9/13/21

Celebrating the Jewish High Holidays in Israel With a Second Religion, Rangers Rooting

A Challenging Year Ahead For Sidney Crosby, Inc.

The Olympic Challenges For Matthews and McDavid

Why Tom Wilson Leads the 'Dislike' League

The Fischler Report: 9/6/21

Sticking Up For Holland in Edmonton

The Incomparable Lou Lamoriello

Connor McDavid Needs Improvement

Guess What: Another Twist in the Jack Eichel Tale

The Fischler Report: 8/30/21

Don't Underestimate The Senators

Rod Gilbert Had A Good Point About Rangers Cup Failings

The Dangerous Flyers Gamble

Hail Henrik Lundqvist -- But is he a Hall of Famer?


The Fischler Report 8/23/21

Small Ads Make big Money

Who'll Win the Ratings War -- ESPN or Turner?

The Bolts Real Threat is in Florida

Deciding When Not to Retire

The Fischler Report: 8/16/21

Tony Esposito and the Great Goalies of All-Time

Recalling Tony Esposito

Nothing Could Be Finer Than Hockey in Carolina; and Maybe Even Tempe

It Pays to be a Defenseman -- Then and Now

Fischler Report: 8/9/21

Can Officiating Be Shored Up?

Goaltending Conundrum in Philly and Pitt

Major Implications of a Seemingly Minor Deal

Grandchildren and Hockey

The Fischler Report: 8/2/21

New Word in Calgary - "Sutter-ization"

Marc-Andre; Join the Blackhawks!

If the Maven Gets His Free Agent Wish...

How Nuts Will the Free Agent Frenzy Be?

The Fischler Report: 7/26/21

Kraken With Gas -- Nothing Funny About Seattle's Draft

Fallout from the Seattle Seance

The Kraken are in First Place -- At Least in the Headlines

Kraken Set to Select Their Skaters

The Fischler Report: 7/19/21

The Sleeper Behind Owen Power

Who's on First? The Maven Settles the Off-Season Score

Wild Buyout: Parise, Suter - First Shocker of July!

Don't Ever Forget the WHA's Dennis Murphy

The Fischler Report: 7/12/21

Lessons From An Epic Playoff

Mayor Gets Her Way -- So Do Lightning

Habs Should Win One for the Tampa Bay Mayor!

Keep Your Hands Off the Habs, Please!

The Fischler Report: 7/5/21

Big Name Coaches Left Out in the Cold

It's Getting To Be A Hab-it With Bolts

S.O.S. For the Canadiens

Well, What Did You Expect -- A Miracle?

The Fischler Report: 6/28/21

Canadiens Theme -- 'The Difficult We Do Immediately.'

The Islanders Hold the Title of 'Ultimate Survivors'

Have the Underdog Isles Any Gas Left in their Tanks?

The Locamotive Named 8-0 Lightning

The Fischler Report: 6/21/21

Why the Fleury Flub is Not the Worst NHL Playoff Blunder of All-Time

The Magic of Montreal is in the Goaltending

Are the Knights Really that Good? Maybe.

Isles-Bolts is the Series to Watch!

Champs vs. The Champion Underdogs, Who Wins?

The Fischler Report:6/14/21

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Cheers for the Commissioner

A Brilliant Look at the Brilliant Islanders-Bruins Series

The Age of (Montreal) Miracles Hasn’t Passed

The Fischler Report: 6/7/21

NHL Playoff Intensity Grows and Grows

The Positive Effect of Home Town Rooting

How Strong are the North Contenders Now?

Biggest Upset In History

The Fischler Report 5/31/21

Time to Dismantle Crosby Inc.

Islanders Show Why They're 'Playoff-Built'

Is it Fair to Call the Oilers Chokers?

A Special Night For Goaltenders

The Fischler Report 5/24/21

Can Nathan Mackinnon Inch Ahead of Connor McDavid?

UBS Arena -- The Taj Mahal of Hockey

Leafs vs. Habs; Is Jack Campbell a Playoff Myth or Miracle Worker?

Thrilling Start for Playoffs!

The Fischler Report: 5/17/21

Penguins Look Better on Ice than on Paper

Upheaval City - Another Rangers Eruption Costs Quinn

The Enigma that is Jack Eichel

A Plug for Travis Green -- Plus Other Coach Talk

The Fischler Report 5/10/21

Rangers Fallout -- and what's next at MSG?

Upheaval at the Rangers Corral

Capitals vs. Rangers

The Real Sleeper is in Uniondale

The Fischler Report: 5/3/21

Smith a Net Gain for Edmonton

Could Another Hughes Go First in the Draft?

NHL Scores Big on Second U.S. Network Deal

Off to the Races, Heading Down the Stretch

The Fischler Report: 4/26/21

How to Pick an Alternate Hart Trophy Winner

The Bill Barilko Mystery 70 Years Later -- Still A Mystery

Crucial Stretch Run for the Montreal Canadiens

The Very Amazing Patrick Marleau

The Fischler Report: 4/19/21

If You Were Ron Francis, What Would You Do About A Coach?

Maple Leafs Overloading Disrupts Chemistry?

Rethinking the Butterfly

How the Bolts Bolted Down Their Second Cup

The Fischler Report: 4/12/21

The Greatest Deal Ever Made!

The G.M. of the Year Awaits -- Who?

The Blockbuster Islanders-Devils Deal -- What it means?

Like Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur, Jack Hughes Needs Time

How to Win a Cup With a 'Loser' Goalie

The Fischler Report: 4/5/21

The Gordie Howe-ing of Connor McDavid

The Three Greatest Trades That Won Stanley Cups

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The Fischler Report 1/5/2021

Flash Hollett, Torey Krug Were Similar Players In Different Eras

Maven's Memories: Denis Potvin's Breakout vs Rangers